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Join Sankofa Tour to West Africa Ghana

 If you’ve been considering a study tour to the motherland then now is a great time to realise your dream.


Our Sankofa tour is welcoming you from all over the world with open arms to learn drum, dance, clay pot making, basket weaving, bead making, and dress making.


NEXT TOUR DATES: 6th July - 27th July 2024

Rates: $3200 for 3 weeks, $2400 for 2 weeks, $1600 for 1 week


Our study program is geared to suit your individual needs. With classes graded for Beginners right through to Advanced / Professional levels. Our skilled teachers will make sure you are grouped with students of a similar level and provided with differentiated instruction.

Our teachers have decades of teaching experience and you’ll be pushed to learn

as much as possible during your tour. We hold a 2-hour morning session and a 2-hour afternoon session each weekday. An additional ‘all-in’ drum & dance afternoon session is provided three times a week after our regular classes.  All the teachers and students come together to jam giving a unique opportunity to extend the skills learned in class. This allows people who are focusing to master quickly!


You’ll also have time for additional private tuition if you feel like pushing a little bit further. Whether it be drum, dance, basket weaving, clay pot making, bead making and dress making you will be encouraged and challenged to excel as far as you want to go!


Ghana is an extremely safe country and our community is one of the most welcoming places you will ever visit.

We are situated in the Accra region on the coast of Ghana, in a town called Nungua.

The local Ga people are known to be one of the friendliest and most welcoming tribes in Ghana. You will gain a rich insight into traditional African life and culture.


Our accommodation is in Nungua (a suburb of Accra), close to Sango Beach where our drumming and dance classes will take place each week day.


You will be provided with your own room with internal ensuite in a local hotel. We can assist in booking alternative accommodation on request. Additional costs will be incurred for alternative accommodation arrangements.  

Weekend excursions outside of Accra may incur additional accommodation costs.



We take pride in offering a diverse entertainment package. Showcasing a variety of original and eclectic acts, your stay will be interspersed with unique cultural experiences.

Ceremonies with music are woven into the fabric of everyday life in The Accra, and we

will be there to take part in all kinds of special events. festivals, spirit & voodoo ceremonies, live bands and more!


In-house caterers prepare two delicious fresh meals every day, focusing on traditional local dishes and your favourite European meals too. Our chefs hit the local markets to source fresh produce 3 times a week - expect lots of delicious sauces and fresh fruits, plus chicken and locally sourced fish. Vegetarians are catered for on request. 


Enjoy a cultural adventure with unique opportunities to experience ceremonies and events as they take place in the community.

Here are some of our tour excursions and events:


Cape Coast Castle 

Elmina Castle 

Kakum Park 

Boti Falls 

Keta Slave Fort 

Nkrumah Memorial Park

Accra where we hit the live music spots and take in the local craft markets and galleries.


3 weeks $3200 

2 weeks $2400

1 week $1600

Instrument hire and purchase incur additional charges

Private tuition in drumming, dancing, or various arts and crafts will incur additional charges


Group Airport transfers

Accommodation for 7 - 21 nights depending on chosen tour length

2 freshly cooked meals a day 

Entertainment and excursions

Additional excursions may be offered and may incur additional fees.

Does Not Include:

Airfares, Visas, Vaccinations, Insurance or Drums

If you would like to attend for less than the full tour please contact us to discuss a special rate

For those requiring private/small group transfers additional charges will apply.

Private shuttle service can be arranged for early departures at your expense.

COVID-19 Policy

Ghana is presently fully open for fully vaccinated tourists. Please follow the guidelines for travelling to Ghana from your country.

Due to current conditions of international travel, we recommend booking directly with the airlines, and choosing airlines who offer flexible changes.

Cancellation Policy

 The following cancellation fees apply to terminated bookings:

Prior to 31 March 2024 

$200 Admin Fee 

1 April - 1 June 2024

$450 Admin fee 

After 29 June 2024

$750 Admin Fee 

& Payments

A $1,000 deposit is required upon booking and secures your accommodation.

The remaining balance should be settled by 30th June 2024.

Please note: a tour discount of 10% will apply to cash or money order. 

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We can't wait to see you in Ghana!

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