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Sankofa Tour

Our drumming, dancing, clay pot making, basket weaving, bead making, dress making, batik/tie dyeing and historical excursions create a journey to change your life.

Tour Dates: 

July 6th 2024  – July 27th 2024


Greater Accra Region 

Ghana Tour Rates in USD:

$3200 for 3 weeks, $2400 for 2 weeks, $1600 for 1 week 

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What We Do

Interactive School Workshops & Entertainment


Our Authentic African Performers come equipped with 10-20 years of experience working with children. They know how to inspire kids and get them excited about African music.


Ghana’s trusted tour organization entreats the world with African traditional, cultural music, and sightseeing to explore and dive into the history of Ghana with exciting activities.



Workshops & Experiences

Our Drumming and Dance workshop teaches traditional and recreational rhythms, dances songs, and stories to our clients as it is very important to know the basics and some popular dance rhythms and songs of Ghana.


Events & 


Uplift everyone with African entertainers and a spectacular show filled with colour and energy. Our event entertainment can be tailored to suit your type of event.


African Dance Rhythms


African Dance Ensemble is always powered by the energetic and wiring talents of the masters of Ghanaian and African traditional drum and dance music. We love seeing the charming smiles on your faces while we perform for you, and we are always triggered to fill the moment with joy and food for the soul.

Our Vision
Our Mission
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Stone With Woodford
CE Primary School


It was a delight to pop in to see how Fofoo easily engaged the youngest members of the school in KS1, who were still getting to grips with left and right!


The drumming and enthusiastic calls from the hall really bought the warmth of Africa into our

whole school on this foggy autumn day.

GO Project in
New York City

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude that Fofoo of Saha Dance Rhythms joined GO Project in New York City this summer.  As a teaching artist in our five-week program, Fofoo worked with 75 children in grades K-4.  He provided engaging, interactive and well-rounded dance instruction that captivated the attention of our diverse student community. The children always looked forward to their sessions with Mr. Fofoo and he was an incredibly valuable member of our summer teaching team!  We hope to have the opportunity to work with Saha Dance Rhythms again, and highly recommend their services to other youth-serving organizations.



Fofoo taught the class at a manageable pace and repeated sections with some

corrections and guidance. The choice of music, style and material was suitable for our

group, complimenting our existing programme of regular and guest teachers. His

approach and delivery was professional and engaging.

Henry Fawcett 
Primary School


We had Saha Dance Rhythm come to do a workshop teaching the children the Kpatsa dance and the importance of storytelling. The children were all engaged and thoroughly enjoyed the session. It has ignited interest and curiosity about different cultures and traditions. Fofoo Attiso was extremely professional and had a lovely way with the children, supporting them and encouraging them. He was clear with instructions and able to break down the dance to ensure all were able to succeed. We would highly recommend Fofoo. 

Bannerman Road
Community Academy

Screen Shot 2022-10-04 at 2.21.17 PM.png

Fofoo Attiso was able to change the difficulty of the lessons dependent on the age and ability of the children.

He encouraged the pupils of our school to actively engage and raised their self-


Fofoo Attiso was enthusiastic about his work and reflected this by behaving in a professional

manner throughout his day with us. He chose appropriate music to use with our pupils and

maintained a high level of energy.

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