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Students will be transported to the vibrant tribal villages of Africa through drumming, song, dance, and games included in our 'Saha' interactive performance. 

African Dance Rhythms presents a well-structured, informative and highly interactive performance called “Saha”, which means “The brightest Star” in the Dagbani language of Northern Ghana. Students are immersed in the rich culture and rhythms of Africa, in an entertaining and educational way. Best of all – it’s hands on!


Our team are Master Drummers and Dancers from Ghana and West Africa, with over 10 years experience performing at schools across world. Saha is a favorite among students, who love the colorful, traditional African clothing, unrivalled talent, humor and exuberant energy of our Authentic Performers.

Drums will be provided for every student to learn how play an authentic African dance rhythm. We will transform your students into a dynamic percussion ensemble. The students will learn a traditional African song to accompany the drumming rhythm, and experience African dancing.


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African Dance Rhythms

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